Swisscom offers carrier billing for all goods bought online thanks to Loviit technical financing platform

Posted by Team Loviit in Press Release @ March 16, 2016

Loviit, DOCOMO Digital’s e-commerce enabler and technical financing platform has partnered with the leading Swiss operator Swisscom to enable physical goods to be purchased online and paid for directly onto a customer’s phone bill.

The DOCOMO Digital and Swisscom solution, powered by Loviit, DOCOMO Digital´s technical financing platform, is able to compete with any other payment methods and offers significant advantages, including:

One-click-to-buy and secure authentication
DOCOMO Digital will manage the check-out flows and payment transactions, which will provide consumers with the option to purchase with one click and resulting in higher conversion rates. This function is powered by a multi-layer mobile authentication system to ensure complete security for customers.

Low commissions compared to other payment methods
DOCOMO Digital’s technical financing platform performs favourably for merchants when compared to other payment methods, particularly for the commission fees.

Seven days settlement for the merchant
DOCOMO Digital will also be able to settle the payments to the merchants in a few days, a key merchant requirement to enable carrier billing as a mainstream payment method, through its Loviit technical financing solutions, powered by a proprietary fraud and risk management engine.


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