Smart Payment

Loviit make it easy!

Loviit simplifies payments and invoicing with one outsourced service!

Loviit carries all the risk, guaranteeing you a weekly payout!

Loviit increases traffic to your store and improves your conversions!

Loviit is Mobile and Tablet ready.

Loviit helps you to go international.

Loviit, because it is smart!

Loviit is the one-stop-shop solution for the success of your ecommerce business! Save money, save time and grow with us.


Complete Package

It’s the complete package with no hidden costs.

Whatever the payment method Loviit charges the same commission rate. No hidden fees, no basic rate or ongoing charges.
With no set-up costs and no fixed term contract, you and your business can remain flexible.

Payment Methods

Make life easy for your customers.

We offer you the full range of payment methods it’s up to you how many you want to offer your customers.
Whether American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, instant transfer or direct debit: Loviit’s commission is always 2.94%.
With Loviit you can also offer your customers the option to pay by invoice – we cover the default risk for you.

No Risk

Payments with belt and braces.

With Loviit, payment defaults are a thing of the past: we assume the full risk of default or attempted fraud. No separate credit management system needed.
Loviit will take care of both dunning and debt collection on your behalf. The entire payment process is completely automated. That way you can concentrate on your core business, while relying on a constant cash flow thanks to guaranteed weekly payouts.


E-payment at the touch of a button.

Thanks to one-click installation, Loviit can be integrated in existing systems in a flash, and without any additional costs.
Take advantage of our free technical support and free extensions at any time.
It goes without saying that the Loviit plugins also meet all the relevant safety standards, e.g. PCI-DSS.

How It Works

What could be simpler?

Register free of charge

Activation in 48 hours.

Install shop extensions.

Enter access data.

Boost your sales with loviit

Improve your sales by improving conversions and reducing dropoffs!
88% of your potential customers will abort their purchases if prepayment is the only option offered.
By adding the option of credit card payment, you can boost your sales to 75%.
With using the Loviit full payment portfolio, cater to all your customers’ payment preferences and reduce dropoffs to just 1%!

Register Now  and ready to go in 48 hours.


Loviit is a provider of payment methods for online shops, which means that customers can be offered a wide range of payment options, e.g. credit/debit card, PayPal or pay on invoice.

Wherever you see the Loviit brand, the most convenient payment method will always be available! Orders are then be shipped directly to the customer.

If the customer has any questions about your product he will contact you.

Questions about the status of the order, invoice or Loviit in general? Contact us.


Loviit is a unique product, offering attractive advantages for online retailers. Make your customers’ lives easier by becoming a partner. We maintain a strong relationship with all of our sales partners, this helps in making the process as straightforward and seemless as possible.

Loviit offers you individual account management packages and attractive terms, and provides constant support for your sales. This includes a personal contact should you require advice and support.

Have we convinced you of Loviit’s potential? Would you like to become a sales partner? We look forward to hearing from you at

Your Advantages

  • Loviit offers attractive terms.
  • Loviit provides instructions on e-payments and the full Loviit portfolio.
  • Loviit provides visually appealing sales material.
  • Loviit invests in advertising and PR in order to raise awareness of the product.
  • Loviit keeps you abreast of market trends and product developments.


  • We have used loviit for our hire purchase and purchase on account transactions for the last year and a half – in all the countries we supply to. The cooperation is extremely professional.

    Mag. (FH) Christian Sommer

    Managing Director, my Robotcenter
  • We’ve been working with loviit since 2011, and our experience has been highly positive in all respects. The partnership has brought us new client segments and a noticeable boost in sales.

    Mag. Patrick Gehrer

    Managing Director, Mediashop AG

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Privacy Policy

1. Our “data protection information” provides you with information concerning:

  • the nature, scope, duration and purpose of the collection, processing and use of the personal data necessary for the execution of orders and for billing;
  • your right to object to the creation and use of your anonymized user profile for the purposes of advertising, market research and the structuring of our range according to need;
  • the forwarding of data to companies instructed by us which are under an obligation to observe the statutory provisions on data protection, for the purpose of checking your credit rating and for the duration of such checking, and also for the shipment of the goods;
  • your right to information free of charge concerning your personal data stored by us;
  • your right to correct, delete and block your personal data stored by us;
  • in the event of any assignment of our claims against you to a third party (assignee), the forwarding to the assignee of the data necessary for the execution of orders and for billing.

2. Any collection, processing and use of your personal data in addition to paragraph 1 requires your consent. You have the possibility of stating your consent before stating your order. You have the right to revoke your consent at any time with effect for the future (see “Consent under data protection law”) and the right to inspect the content of your consent at any time.

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