Loviit AG is the company’s contracting party in terms of payment services. fine trade gmbh acts as trade intermediary within the scope of its finetrading/ eFulfillment role without providing any payment services.

Loviit AG is a 100% subsidiary of fine trade gmbh. Loviit AG is an e-money business that is licenced for the European Economic Area, providing both payment and e-money services with a particular focus on prepaid solutions and reloadable payment instruments. Loviit AG (registration number FL-0002.463.000-9 with Commercial Register of Liechtenstein) based in Ruggell in Liechtenstein with the business address Industriering 3, FL-9491 Ruggell. It is subject to the supervision of the Liechtenstein Financial Market Authority, Landstrasse 109, POB 279, FL-9490 Vaduz